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The Institute is dedicated to our Mentor CLAUDIO NARANJO, our school has as a value the human quality and experience of the professionals, for more personalized information you can request a free interview.
Meeting with Consuelo Trujillo «La Casa de Bernarda Alba» – We will talk about the therapeutic interest of the play on issues such as patriarchy, feminism, women, motherhood (open and free activity, reservation required).
Trainings in Gestalt Psychotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Family Constellations, Body Therapy, Theater, Bereavement, Systemic Pedagogy, Child Gestalt and other approaches oriented to personal growth.
Our team of teachers of the highest level and international experience, has a great professional trajectory in the different areas of specialization, most of them coming from the SAT Program.
Located in Barcelona city, our center offers both training and monographic workshops, and a wide range of activities and services from our different areas: therapeutic (group therapy, individual and supervision), health, meditation and social.

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Disfrutar del bienestar, trabajar nuestro crecimiento personal o incluso resolver aquellos problemas que nos impiden disfrutar de la estabilidad emocional. Son muchos los motivos que pueden empujarle a iniciar un camino de autoconocimiento con nosotros y en el Institut Gestalt siempre tendrá el apoyo de un equipo de profesionales formados para encontrar la terapia que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.
Desde nuestra fundación, en 1985, llevamos 33 años trabajando en nuestra vocación terapéutica, sanando y revitalizando al ser humano . Con un único objetivo: estar al servicio de nuestros clientes y acompañarlos en sus procesos vitales personales. Además, recientemente, el Institut Gestalt se ha constituido como Centro de Salud de acuerdo con la legislación vigente (Ley 15/1990, de 9 de julio, de ordenación sanitaria de Cataluña).
Personas, parejas, familias o grupos son los que se benefician de nuestra labor asistencial que incluye terapias como el coaching, la Terapia Gestalt, las constelaciones familiares, la intervención estratégica y la terapia corporal, entre otras. Queremos que nuestros clientes encuentren la mejor versión de sí mismos, potenciando sus capacidades y aprendiendo a gestionar y aceptar aquellos rasgos de su carácter que menos les gustan.

Gestalt therapy

Born in 1942 with the publication of the book Ego, Hunger and Aggression: A Revision of Freud’s Theory and Method, written by the psychologists Fritz Perls and his wife Laura Perls, it is a psychotherapy whose objective is to make the patient become more complete and free him from the blockages that diminish his satisfaction and self-realization.
Its influences include Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Otto Rank and Husserl. It is considered part of humanistic psychology, within the psychology of postmodernity, which develops human potential from positive psychology, in addition to treating the sick and their psychopathologies.
Located at 94 Verdi Street, the Institut Gestalt was founded by psychologists Mireia Darder, Joan Garriga and Vicens Olivé in 1985. Since then, some 100,000 people have been trained at the center.
Espai Gestalt is located at Carrer Secretari Coloma, 16, and is a therapy and training center, as well as a platform for the dissemination of Gestalt therapy itself. Initiated in 2001 as a joint project of several Gestalt psychotherapists, it has become one of the reference centers in this field in Barcelona.

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Journalist and Coach. Family Constellator, trained with Joan Garriga and his teaching team at the Institut Gestalt. NLP Practitioner. Certified in Mindfulness by the University of Valencia. Trained in Psychological Enneagram with Juanjo Albert and his team at IPETG. Certified by Enneagram Learning International, California (USA) in Enneagram for professional use. Systemic Coaching. Wingwave Coaching. Training in Therapeutic Narrative. Training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Training in Gestalt Therapy with the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona.
Degree in Law. Master in Personal Development at the Aware Institute. Trained in Family and Systemic Constellations with the teaching team of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona directed by Joan Garriga. Training in Therapeutic Narrative. NLP Practitioner. Certified in Wingwave Coaching. Training in Gestalt Therapy by the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona.
Superior Technician in Social Integration. Gestalt Therapist trained at Institut Gestalt de Barcelona (title accredited by the AETG, nº4039). Adherent member of the AETG. Coordinator of the Social Area of Instituto Aware. Training in Couple Therapy from the Gestalt approach at CEG (Center of Gestalt Specialties) and facilitator of Danza’nGestalt.  Training