Mindfulness bilbao

, Mindfulness bilbao

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The goal is to practice MINDFULNESS – MINDFULNESS, to «be present» to what is happening in your life, to give you the opportunity to consciously deal with stress, anxiety, emotional discomfort and life’s challenges.
I am a specialist in techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and I teach the official program of the University of Massachusetts «Mindfulness Stress and Anxiety Reduction (MBSR)» in the area of Bilbao and Bizkaia and its surroundings.
The MBSR Mindfulness program is recommended by doctors and scientists around the world, and is currently the most recognized «mind-body» intervention worldwide for its excellent results in physical and psychological symptoms.
If you would like more information about Mindfulness, dates and places of upcoming activities (talks, workshops, MBSR programs) or to register for any of them, I am at your disposal without obligation.


Mindfulness is an ancient practice that promotes mindfulness in the present moment that you can learn in workshops in Bilbao. On the one hand there is a lot of literature on the physiological and neurological benefits of mindfulness and on the other hand Mindfulness is a powerful tool to know ourselves, self-discovery and change.
With this Mindfulness workshop in Bilbao, you can learn to quiet the mind, learn a compassionate and non-judgmental look at oneself and what surrounds us are relevant aspects of the practice.
Sometimes, when one stops, stops the activity, what appears is the sea in the background … the restlessness, worry, tension; however the proposal to «let be» in Mindfulness, the proposal to compassionate observation generates changes in the experience.
It is an open group of up to 8 people, who meet maintaining the measures of protection against the virus, good ventilation and HEPA filtered air. The group is facilitated by the psychologist Kontxesi Camiruaga.

Mindfulness solidarity (bilbao)

Mindfulness in Bilbao – Workshop. Currently, I run an open group of weekly practice of Mindfulness. Therefore, being open, you can contact me, whenever you want, to join it. It is not necessary to have previous training in this technique.
If you are interested, a commitment of attendance of 8 consecutive weeks is required to begin to feel the effects of the practice. Afterwards, if you feel good and you need it, you can continue. Mindfulness in Bilbao.
The intention of this course is to serve all those people who want to start training their Attention and Attitude. In other words, initiating a more conscious lifestyle, living in the moment. Training a mind with a tendency to confuse our thoughts with reality, to live in the past or fly into the future.
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51.- by car to bilbao for a mindfulness mini-retreat.

If by training the body we can achieve greater physical strength, we can also achieve greater mental strength and balance through mindfulness practice.    However, it is likely that, despite having diverse and varied knowledge on different subjects, we have not learned to understand the workings of our mind, to know ourselves and to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. It is also likely that we struggle to access greater emotional well-being, empowering ourselves and rediscovering our inner sources of peace and joy.
Mindfulness is the cultivation of the ability to be aware in order to counteract stress and promote emotional and physical well-being by releasing negative thought patterns.
Mindfulness brings changes in moods and long-term levels of happiness and emotional well-being. Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness positively influences thought patterns that are at the origin of anxiety, irritability, depression and stress. Thus, for example, people who meditate or practice mindfulness on a regular basis are happier and more satisfied because positive emotions are linked to a healthier and longer life.